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Wedding Day Tips
Wedding Day Photography Tips

* The bride should wear a little more make up than usual. Eye liner as well as
lipstick will make her face stand out in the pictures.

* Bouquets that include multi-colored flowers always look the best in the images.

* A helpful tip after the wedding is complete is to have someone in charge of rounding
up family members that will also help guide people to have their picture taken next. It
seems after a wedding the bridal party wants to spread out and its hard to keep
everyone together especially grandparents, aunts and uncles, and bridal party

*Try to avoid sunless tanner on your hands. It appears orange in most pictures.

*Have an emergency kit for your wedding. (Bobby Pins, Safety Pins, Sewing Kit, etc.)

*Cake Cutting - Most brides think of everything else but when they go to cut the cake
they and their groom seem to have no idea how to do it. Study up on how to cut your